Serving Suggestions


For restaurant quality, rich and luxurious pour over sauce


- Pour 250ml of double cream into a pan and heat to take the cold off of the cream.

- Shake the pot and then empty contents of the sauce shot into the pan.

- Pour a small amount of warm water into the pot, replace lid, shake and pour contents into pan.

- Stir contents in pan and allow to achieve a rolling boiling until the sauce reaches preferred consistency.

- Pour over your chicken breast, steak, pasta etc and enjoy!


This will provide sufficient for 4 servings as a pour over sauce, and a generous 2 as a pasta sauce.


(For a low fat option follow directions as above - but use low fat Crème fraîche)


Note: for the thai green curry best results achieved by using 250ml of coconut cream instead of double cream - lower calorie option is to use low fat coconut milk


To use as a marinade


- Mix contents of shot pot with 250ml of water.

- Place meat or fish that you wish to marinade into a suitable container and pour mixture over.

- Place in fridge overnight.


To use as a rub


- Simply rub the contents of the pot directly onto the meat of your choice.


To use as a stir fry


- Simply add the shot pot contents once the vegetables/meat/fish is almost cooked and stir in well, heating until the ingredients are well coated in the sauce.