Steak and Peppercorn and Tennnessee Whiskey

Steak and Peppercorn and Tennnessee Whiskey



For a delicious Peppercorn sauce, simply;

- Begin by cooking a steak to your liking, about 5 minutes before your steak is cooked, start on making the sauce.

- Add 250ml of double cream (or 250ml of Creme Fraiche for a ow fat option) to a pan and heat to take the temperature of the cream up.

- Add the Peppercorn and Jack Daniel's sauce to the pan, and stir well until the sauce is thoroughly mixed together with the cream.

- Stir continuously whilst heating, once the sauce is piping hot, simply pour over your steak and enjoy.


Additonal Serving suggestions;

- Serve with chips, new potatoes or mash potatoes, and pour the sauce over these for a super peppery delicious sauce!